The Beirut Cooking Festival and the Salon du Chocolat Beirut return to BIEL from 16-18 November for their seventh and fourth editions respectively. Celebrating the richest flavors and latest trends in gastronomy, the shows welcome chefs, experts and professionals, who will share their passion for food, drink and lifestyle with more than 15,000 visitors over the course of three days.

Taking place concurrently, the Salon Du Chocolat Beirut hosts over 60 stands showcasing the latest in chocolate, pastry and confectionery.

Food and fashion join forces at the chocolate Fashion Show, where Lebanese designers and renowned pastry chefs will work hand in hand to create fabulous dresses made out of chocolate. A total of 13 dresses will be showcased on the runway, and visitors will also be able to see the dresses on display on the remaining days of the event. This year’s show, which takes place under the theme “Winter Wonderland”, welcomes designer to the stars Jean Louis Sabaji, who will be collaborating with Lebanese master consultant chef Charles Azar to create the Fashion Show’s masterpiece.

Joumana Dammous-Salame, managing director of Hospitality Services and event organizer says, “There are many new things taking place at the Salon du Chocolat Beirut this year which will be exciting for our visitors to witness. Being the only event of its kind, we are thrilled to bring a world of chocolate back to the capital”.

Editor’s Note:
Jean Louis Sabaji had a mission to be a fashion designer ever since he was a child since he grew up in his father’s fashion house who was a fashion designer as well.

He graduated from LAU with a BS in graphic design in 2008; a year later, he was successfully admitted to the degree of Master in Fashion Design with distinction from Domus Academy-Milano, in 2009.

Putting his career first, he came back to Lebanon to launch his own brand.

His first collection came out in the summer of 2012; step-by-step Jean-Louis began discovering his identity by building his signature designs.

His mission was to create astonishing designs, he had an urge to break the rules and blow away the fashion world.

Jean-Louis finds inspiration everywhere but he developed a loyal relationship with Mother Nature where he always finds what he’s looking for and creates powerful techniques and material work with various textiles.
He is famous for his distinctive style and his edge.

Jean Louis Sabaji has already been featured in many magazines, mostly in September issues, bridal issues and others.

He has dressed many celebrities on the red carpet like Alicia Quarles, Sonam Kapoor and Sophie Beem; he was even approached by Jennifer Lopez. He also dressed Zendaya on the cover of a magazine.

Jean-Louis is the first Middle Eastern Fashion designer to win the Swarovski Collective competition.
His 10th and most recent collection was his first bridal collection and a very successful one. It followed a series of flowers, animals and paint inspired previous evening gowns collections.

Jean-Louis aims high; he works on building his brand to give back value to Couture. He will always design to make the woman stand out and feel special.