Caker, Baker and Yummy Things Maker
Born 20 May 1970

Hala's "sweet" affair started as a fun hobby in her kitchen. Her eldest daughter’s first birthday party was such a celebration of tastes and colors and designs that she started to receive orders. Every birthday after that proved to be a better, more creative celebration, and Hala soon realized that she wanted to pursue her love for baking and cake designs.

The birthday parties of her daughters provided a playground for Hala to experiment her new passion. She held the most original themed-birthday parties where everything was handmade and homemade with a lot of love. From the invitation cards to the decoration to the games to the food and, of course, the cakes and cookies, Hala did everything from scratch. The guests who were invited to these parties started asking her to make cakes for their kids’ birthdays.

Hala’s first `sold' cake was a number 1 lazy cake glazed with Nutella chocolate frosting and covered with a rainbow of colored ``Smarties'' all over. That was in June 2000.

Juggling her career as an English-language teacher and her cake-baking, Hala developed a catering business from her own home. In just a few years, Cocoa & Co. evolved and matured one cake at a time until her dining-room-turned-bakery would not fit the orders she was getting. She was shipping cookies to the four corners of the world, and was featured in trendy magazines and television shows for her designer cakes.

Hala moved to her “Kitch’in” in 2008 where a bigger and more professional space served as the new ``homeland'' for Cocoa & Co. Less than a year later, Hala realized that she needed a ``window’' to showcase her designer edible art. She opened a boutique/café in Ashrafieh in Beirut where cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies and so many other delicious "yummies'' are served with warm and cold drinks in a fun and creative atmosphere. After that, and just recently, Hala opened another Boutique Café in the heart of downtown Beirut, in Beirut Souks.

Hala has a B.A. in Social and Behavioral Sciences from the American University of Beirut. She previously worked in international companies in marketing, advertising and teaching.