Pastry Chef

Following my Bachelor Degree of Science in Hospitality Management from Sagesse Faculty of Hospitality Management affiliated with Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne in 2009, I have had training in various sections of the Hospitality industry until this day where I am the chef of Evasion a chocolate and ice cream shop. 

From housekeeping in the Academic Hotel, to training in the Intercontinental Vendome Hotel in Beirut in addition to hostessing in le Maillon restaurant at Centre Sofil I have taken this experience to forge me in my current job which is working in my own family’s industry in an “Artisanal” Chocolate and Ice Cream shop “Evasion” in Achrafieh. 

As the pastry chef of the shop my work is all about creating the best quality products, innovating and getting to know the pastry and chocolate world more with each day. 

Along with my father’s guidance and experience as he is a pastry chef as well I have learned how to make the finest chocolate and ice cream and together we have participated in many seminars around the world with the latest being a formation in all sorts of Ganache.