Pastry chef consultant and USJ Culinary arts instructor 

They say “The discovery of a new dish does more for human happiness than the discovery of a new star”. That’s what Chef Charles encountered during his 20 years of experience in the pastry world.

Born in Beirut, where food is strongly associated with social and family gatherings, Chef Charles Azar discovered his passion for pastry at an early age: Beginning with being his mother’s shadow while preparing the pate a choux at 12 years old until graduating from the Hotelier School with a Bachelor in Culinary Arts.

Spending twenty years in the pastry world, Chef Charles knew how to take advantage of every moment and make it special. He started as an apprentice in some prestigious companies in Lebanon such as “Faqra Club”. Then, he decided to widen his horizon by travelling to Kuwait for two years where he, as a pastry chef, and a highly skilled team of chefs prepared the best buffets for princes in Kuwait and Bahrain. After that, he moved to hotel chains and did the opening for Metropolitan Palace Hotel in Beirut, then Habtoor Grand Hotel and Habtoorland.

Four years ago, Chef Charles switched to International Hotel Chain like Intercontinental, then Four Seasons Hotels.

Even with all his experience, Chef Charles was never satisfied with what he learned and had a continuous thirst for discovering new techniques and materials. That’s why he

travelled for the purpose of Pastry trainings in “Valrhona School” and Sugarwork training along with Stephane Klein in Belfort, France.

In addition, he participated in several culinary competitions in Horeca, Lebanon, where he won 3 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 2 bronze medals. At the same time, he participated in the World Pastry Cup in Lyon where the Lebanese team was ranked the fifth in the sugar showpieces category and won the Best Team Spirit cup in 2003 and was ranked the fifth also over 24 countries in 2005. In 2009, he trained the Lebanese team for the World Pastry Cup.

His persistence and love for pastry has led him to be a judge in numerous international events like Horeca, Lebanon and Jordan, Passion for Pastry in Netherland, World Chocolate Masters Competition in France and to be a member of “L’Academie National de Cuisine” and “Cercle des Chefs”.

Today, his desire to teach and to shift his know-how and experience to all the Pastry Lovers, Chefs and Amateurs, made him establish “L’Atelier des Arts de La Patisserie”, present a weekly culinary TV program on a Lebanese channel, and refine the new generation culinary view through a food production course in Saint Joseph University- Beirut.