Rami Kadi
Fashion Designer

Rami Kadi is Lebanese-American. His diverging origins fuse flavors from east and west, exuding a mixed blend of freedom, emancipation and traditional warmth. While these worlds sometimes clash, they also attract each other, and ultimately find a common bond: their long-established ancestral know-how.

Since his early childhood, Rami Kadi developed a passion for the art of embroidery and various ancient craft skills. As he wanders alone through fashion workshops, he conquers fabrics and materials surrounding him, visualizing every detail to perfection.

His fervor and commitment to craftsmanship naturally opened the doors of ESMOD which he successfully completed in 2008, distinguishing himself with his talent, his innovation and his dexterity.

Upon graduation, he continued his path with Rabih Kayrouz and soon after, he was selected by the Starch Foundation* to showcase his first collection.

The success was immediate. In 2010, he opened “Madame Muguet,” a multi-brand luxury boutique, where he offers his own creations and those of other Lebanese designers that he carefully selects with his partner.

Rami Kadi’s creations were immediately snapped up. His attention to detail combined with his natural design flair and his considerable tailoring technique earned him the recognition and trust of the most demanding clients, putting him at the forefront of fashion designers of his generation.

In May 2011, at only 25, he launched his own studio and opened his first boutique in the heart of Beirut. There, he presents his haute couture creations and crafts unique pieces, attracting a wide range of clientele.

Rami Kadi is a contemporary couturier, passionate about modern tailoring. With his distinctive and spicy creations, he builds bridges across cultures. Through his collections, he pays tribute to “hand-made” work, an art he is particularly fond of. It is Rami Kadi’s insight, his sharp nature and his inspiration weaved to an incredible sense of craftsmanship that make his creations unforgettable.

For more information about Rami Kadi, please contact
Léa Sfeir at +33 6 29 18 29 87 / lea@leasfeir.com

* Founded by Rabih Kayrouz and Tala Hajjar, STARCH is a non-profit organization that helps launch Lebanese emerging designers