Romy Zakhour
Head Chef of Evasion Chocolate and Ice Cream shop

Her passion has always been to follow her father's footsteps as he became a chocolate and ice cream artisan and opened up his own shop EVASION in Achrafieh. She started her career with a Bachelor Degree of Science in Hospitality Management from Sagesse Faculty of Hospitality Management affiliated with Ecole Hotèliere de Lausanne back in 2009. She followed various trainings in different sections of hospitality and took all of these experiences . She is currently the head Chef of Evasion Chocolate and Ice Cream shop where she has pleasure in creating different kinds of sweets everyday inspired by the most renowned International Pastry Chefs out there. Her work is all about creating the best possible product with the finest ingredients and to continue into her father's footsteps and grow the family business. I have learned how to make the finest chocolate and ice cream with her father, we have participated in several seminars around the world including the Cacao Barry workshop by Philipe Bertrand and the Callebault seminar with Alexandre Bordeaux in addition to many more seminars and private sessions with various International Chefs.

Romy says that they take pride in the premium ingredients used at Evasion especially when it comes to making Ganache crème glacée or Sorbet but they emphasize as well on the balance of each recipe. A recipe can have the best and most expensive ingredients but it takes exact measurements to reach the perfect result they aim to achieve.

Their work has evolved over the years and their recipes are being passed on from generation to another in order to continue down that path of success. They are passionate "artisans" of their work and it shows through the quality of their products and services offered.